Bangkok soap operas


If you want to learn more about people of a particular country, you can study the soap operas on prime time. The stories of popular soap operas usually reflect what people of that country are obsessed with.

For example, the protagonists in Japanese soap operas often have a career and he are very committed to it.

The protagonists of Thai soap operas often come from either a rich or noble family. He is so super wealthy that he don’t have to have a job and can devote most of his time selecting life partners.

The female protagonists on the other hand usually come from the lower class  society and have some obligation to be around the male protagonists. For example, her family is indebted to his family, so she has to become a maid to pay back loans. Initially, they will not like each other and gradually turn into love at the end.

Along the way, the female protagonist has to compete with her rival who is excessively jealous almost to the point of being a psychopath. The rival often does something to make the protagonists misunderstood one another. The female protagonist often to shy to speak up whereas the male protagonist is too dumb to figure it out. The Thai society is obsessed with social class, accusation, gossips and getting even.

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